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Dating facebook

(They aren't the first to scrape a million Facebook profiles.)Cirio and Ludovic say they will take down a user's profile, if a person asks and the site doesn't have any indication they are actually trying to make any money.

The company has previously “adopted” features from competitors — the like from Tumblr, the check-in from Foursquare, the marketplace from Craigslist, and live-streaming video from Meerkat and Twitter.A company spokesperson says Facebook files more than 1,000 patent applications every year, and most of the ones listed below are still in the application stage.“We often seek patents for technology we never implement, and patents should not be taken as an indication of future plans,” a spokeswoman said. At least, that's the approach taken by two provocateurs who launched this week, with profiles – names, locations and photos – scraped from publicly accessible Facebook pages."But that's the very nature of Facebook and social media in general.

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