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The makers mark & assay marks are "rubbed" but this design is recorded in the BHS Compendium ref Nr 40/0093 in 1904 a pair of silver-gilt glove stretchers by Gorham Mfg Co of Providence, Rhode Island USA.

The whole of the stretchers including the blades are solid silver and the handles have been gilded.

Written in light-hearted rhyme, this "fable" type skit openly shows the concept of "reaping what you sow." A mother has 3 children who like to play and laugh but when it comes to work, only one of them sees the benefits of balancing work and play.

Neighbours say around 40 armed police, some with stun grenades stormed the properties early this morning, with locals hearing guns being fired and explosions ringing out.

Armed police in body armour and helmets threw flash bang grenades and smashed down the front door of a house just 100 yards from a nursery in East Ham.

Surely it must be to study under a new teacher, as they are all convinced they've learned all they can from Jesus.

But when Jesus comes walking through the classroom door, announcing he will once again be their teacher, the disciples are confused. In trying to decipher what it could possibly be, the disciples begin to turn accusing eyes on each other, fighting, teasing and bickering, proving the point of why they are once again back in school. It's planting season but the seeds don't want to wait for the great soil Farmer is preparing for them, since they want to be planted NOW!

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